An amazing opportunity to be a part of the first Indigenous Pop X Festival in Denver! Located at the McNichols Civic Center in downtown, the Expo is an incredible event that is sure to draw several thousand individuals for the three days in July (July 26-28, 2019). Below is our application for the Expo as well as information about our policies and procedures for the event.


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Premium Booth spaces are located in high traffic areas and feature additional space for vendors (10’x10’+). Regular Booth spaces feature a single 6’ table, and two chairs. Premium Booths will come with 4 Expo passes, Regular with 2 Expo passes. Additional passes may be purchased at a vendor discount. Cost for booths are as follows:

  • Premium - $400

  • Regular - $250

  • Nonprofit Space - $175 

Please be aware that this is only the application for a vendor space and does not guarantee a spot in the Expo. Our Vendor Selection Committee will make decisions on each Vendor and we will contact you if you are selected. You will have three weeks to remit payment for your booth from the point of acceptance. Please use the link below to review our policies and regulations prior to submitting your application.

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you in Denver!

If you are interested in securing a media booth, please use the button below and fill out the media application. This can include podcasting, vodcasting, film/tv, and traditional media platforms. If you have a question about your organization or classification, please contact


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I understand and agree that submission of this application does not guarantee a spot at the Expo. An IPX selection committee will decide on each vendor application and written acceptance will be sent by email March 25th, 2019. Upon acceptance I understand I have three (3) weeks in which to remit payment (outlined above) for my space. Should I not remit payment, my application will no longer be considered for this year's Expo.
I understand and agree to abide by all policies and regulations set forth (link above) by IPX and Native Realities.