Vendor Space

Badges must be worn during set-up and for the duration of the show.

Vendor agrees to remain set up during the duration of the show. Should vendor need to retire from the show before Sunday at 6pm, exhibitor will inform IPX Management prior to exit. There are no refunds or discount prices for late arrival or early exit.

Electrical, telephone, and internet services are extra and can be provided by the Center for an additional charge. Please contact kmbadhand@indigenouspopx.com to make arrangements.

Display & ABQ Fire Regulations

Vendors will not encroach on aisles that border booth or table. Fire extinguishers, hose cabinets, fire exits, or fire alarms may not be blocked or covered in any way.

All decorations and components of table or booth must be fire retardant. They may be subject to random flame test by Fire Marshal. Please inquire if unsure about decorations, etc.

Please ensure that all boxes, packing materials, waste, and debris are removed prior to the show and kept picked up during the show. Tables and booths may be inspected periodically during the show.

No smoking or alcohol is permitted within the Exhibit Hall.

Cords, plugs, & lighting shall adhere to the following:

All extension cords must be a minimum of 14 gauge, 3wire and grounded. Ties or clamps must be used to secure cords. If power strips are approved for use, they cannot be “daisy chained”, All cords, lighting etc. must have UL labeling.

Decorum and Damages

Vendors must take care of their own tables and/or booths to ensure that any noise or sound systems do not interfere with other vendors.

The IPX Denver Team may determine what constitutes interference and ask vendor to turn down or discontinue noise.

Any damage caused to the building or furnishings by vendor shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor.

Vendor agrees to not sell or distribute any adult material at the Con

Native Realities and IPX Denver do not allow any bootleg or counterfeit materials of any kind.

Native Realities LLC and the IndigiPop X reserve the right to reject or dismiss any Vendor should their display or merchandize be considered inappropriate for our patrons.

Liability & Security

Vendor agrees to hold harmless Native Realities LCC, the promoter of the event, and any and all co-hosts and sponsors, from any damage or charges imposed for ordinance or regulation violations by the Vendor, their employees or agents, as well as failure to comply with terms and agreements of these policies. Vendor shall protect, indemnify, and hold harmless from any act or omission of the Vendor, their employees or agents.

In the event that the McNichols Civic Center or any part of the exhibit area thereof is unavailable due to fire, flood, storm, or another such cause, or as result of governmental intervention, malicious damage, acts of war, strike labor dispute, riot or other event over which Native Realities LLC has not control or should Native Realities LLC decide it is necessary to cancel, postpone, or re-site the show and/or reduce instillation time, exhibit time, or move-out time, due to any of the previously mentioned reasons, Native Realities LLC shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Vendor in respect of any damage or loos, direct or indirect as a result thereof.


Vendor understands payment policy and agrees to pay the fees as listed on the website and as agreed upon through associated correspondence. Payment shall be made upon acceptance of application. Vendor has three weeks from Acceptance Notification to remit payment or Booth will be no longer available.

In the case of multiple parties sharing a single booth or table, the person who is the primary contact for the booth shall assume full responsibility for the space.

Payment of fees shall affirm that Vendor has read to and agrees with the policies stated in this document.


You may cancel your registration within 48 hours after payment for a full and total refund. After 48 hours no refunds will be given. Vendors who are dismissed or asked to leave shall also receive no refund.

No show Vendors will automatically forfeit the Vendor fee.

Rights of ICC/Native Realities LLC

If ay any time Vendor breaches any section of these policies, IPX and Native Realities LLC may remove Vendor from the show without refund or notice, depending on the level of infraction.